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735 5th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 674-8776 | get directions (305) 674-8776

Two-Day Compact-Sized Car Rental

Picture this: you're rollin', in the 5.0, ragtop down so your hair can blow, but stop -- and listen. Seems like a sudden flat on the MacArthur is threatening your cruise on Beachfront Avenue. Luckily, today's deal is prepared to rescue your ride with a set of wheels from 123 Rent a Car For just $35 (regularly $70), you can pick up a compact vehicle for two consecutive days from their expertly maintained local fleet of solid rides. The South Florida sun is a wicked midday spoiler, we hear you. That's why this deal is sure to keep you as calm and cool

Discount 50% | Savings 50% | Value $35

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